Monday, June 6, 2011

summer in texas

Crepe Myrtles... This is my favorite time of year in Texas. I know, it is hotter than Hades, but these babies are what really float my boat. Crepe myrtles. They are everywhere in Texas. Gorgeous shades of white, pink, purple and red. I have thought, many times, about leaving Texas and going somewhere where you don't start sweating the minute you get out of the shower, or where you actually have seasons. Our seasons include very hot and humid summers from about April to November, fall for about 2 weeks, the winters that include lots of rain, a little ice here and there, and then about 2 weeks of spring before the sauna begins all over again. Oh yes, I daydream about snow and sledding and ice skating and leaves turning every shade of green, yellow, orange, red and brown, but these beautiful little fluffs of purple just make this Texas girl's heart sing every summer.
When we moved into this house, I fell in love with the abundance of crepe myrtles surrounding it. In our other homes, if there wasn't a crepe myrtle or two, the first thing that we did was to plant some. Crepe myrtles are what make my house feel like a real Texas home. This little bloom above is just the beginning around here.


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