Sunday, June 12, 2011


No more pillows falling behind the bed. Seems like a small thing, but it's not. We got our new bed, oh, maybe 9 months ago and didn't have a headboard. We went from a queen to a king (I highly recommend it for people like me who get boiling hot, like to sleep on a diagonal, and don't want anyone to touch them because their skin feels like an incinerator...said individual shall remain nameless) and our old sleigh bed didn't work anymore. We just bought a bed frame to go with our glorious new, and extremely comfortable bed, but just couldn't make a headboard happen. You know, doctor bills, roof leaks, etc. etc. etc. Our headboard didn't seem to be a priority. Doctor visits over a headboard? Who made that rule, I say? Anyway, (cue the harps and angels singing), it is here...and it is glorious.
I bought the Camden untufted headboard in Burlap from Ballard Designs. I went back and forth between burlap and the white twill. I decided on the burlap because I was worried that the white would (1) show dirt easier and (2) would be a little over the top considering all of the other white that is going to appear in the room. I will post a mood board of the room on my next post. It is reeeeeal purdy :)
I was a little disheartened when I opened the box and it smelled like, well, a burlap sack. Then, the directions really didn't work. It didn't take too much brain power to figure it out, but it is a major pet peeve of mine when directions aren't right. I mean, they ARE directions, right? Can I get an amen? Thank you. However, the headboard went into place, and about a gallon of Fabreeze later (that stuff is heaven sent I tell ya'), all is well in the world. It hardly smells like a potato sack and it is GORGEOUS! Even if it did smell like potato sack, I might not really care considering I have a place to prop up my pillows AND they don't get lost into an abyss at night when they go careening behind the bed.
Take that rogue pillow!!!
Nighty night.

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