Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my kitchen

My kitchen is the most fun place in my home. There are quirky little touches here and there that make me smile. Like my pig that flies...and my curtains that almost didn't happen because they were too bright and colorful (I adore them now)...and my favorite little initial from my favorite little shop...and my favorite place to post little notes to my family (that use to be a giant, ugly, gold mirror)...and my little windowsill above my sink that always has fresh flowers (and a sign that reminds me of one of my sweet friends)...and where I keep my grocery list (this is acutally going to change soon. Can't wait to show you)...with letter that remind my picky-eating kids what they are supposed to be doing at the kitchen table...all while wearing my favorite funky little apron from another favorite store...and this sweet little helper is my favorite little accesory of all...Blessings,


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