Friday, May 13, 2011

lots of changes

Let me start this post by saying that my crapola camera is half dead, and I can't afford a new one, which will definitely cost more than a couple of hundred dollars since I am now completely spoiled to the pictures that everyone else posts on their blogs that are totally in focus, crisp as a freshly ironed cotton shirt, and have incredible color...whew, breathe. Yes, I have my eyes on a few different ones, all of which are around a grand, give or take a couple hundred. Yeah, we'll see how long it takes. Soo, in the meantime, I will have posts with either no pictures, pictures straight from the world wide web (Ha! I'm 85...) or pictures from my phone (which aren't all that bad).
So, lots has happened in our world. The short version is that I have lost about 30 pounds, and have decided to homeschool. No, they are not related. The weight loss is something that I have needed to do for a long time, I just decided that enough was enough. That is for another day though. The homeschooling is something that I have wanted to do since I homeschooled my 8-year-old way back in kindergarten. I only did it for a few months back then and decided to put him back in public school for two reasons...kid #2 and kid #3. They were 2 and 1-year-old at the time. Do I even need to 'splain Lucy? I felt as though I was ignoring the babies to help my eldest, or I wasn't giving him the attention that he needed for his schoolwork because I was tending to the younger two. I was so torn and felt totally defeated as I hung my head and walked him into kinder. Don't worry, I've stopped beating myself up about it.
So, upon a very clear leading from the Lord, and a real work in my husband's heart (which could only have been accomplished through God Himself), we have decided to take the gigantic leap again. I am so excited! So, aside from researching curriculums and trying to figure out how to manage a school in our home (along with my husband's business), I have been a busy mama.
Now, on a design note, I do have a rockin' idea for our homeschool "area". I'll give you a little sneaky peek on Monday!

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