Thursday, April 14, 2011

wisteria luv

I will show pics of my kitchen later (I have yet to take "afters"...I know, bad blogger...hang with me folks), but I have to tell y'all about my first trip to the Wisteria Outlet. The outlet, located in Dallas, has stuff that is still in the catalog, but with discounted prices. Let me show you a few goodies that I found (squeeeeeeeel):I found this little gem in the "scratch and dent" section. What was wrong, you ask? The zipper wasn't working. It is a beautiful khaki linen with a red linen trim, and the emblem is embroidered on thick felt. It is GORGEOUS!!! Well, after fiddling with the zipper for a few minutes, it worked. Go me!

This is deal #2:This is my second find. It is a big red burlap sack. Unless you love burlap (as I do) this might not excite you. As soon as I saw this red beauty (and 2 of it's friends) all I could envision was a big "SC" embroidered on the front. Fun!!!

Here are a few other beauties from Wisteria...

Oyster shell crossesIndustrial bookcase

Linen handtowels (I think I'll grab a pair for my guest bath)
Aren't these precious? I think I will go back and grab a pair for my kitchen for Spring :)


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