Friday, August 10, 2012


The title says it all. simple. I want simplicity in my life. I want to simply enjoy my children. I want a simple home. I want a simple home with less stuff. If you know me, you know I love my stuff, but I have truly felt a tug at my heart to release it all. There are those who embrace simplicity because they have no choice. They do not have the means to live any other way. I am, fortunately, not one of those people...but that doesn't mean that it doesn't lurk around the corner. I want a simpler life, not out of fear, but out of obedience and a hope for more than I give up.
I had a visit with a precious friend of mine last night. She is one of those people that lives simply. She strives to do so. It is very humbling for me. Her home is not big, nor is it filled with designer pieces.
It is filled with her children's artwork and pictures from their travels and hand-me-down furniture...and it is one of my favorite homes I have ever been in.  It doesn't have a sprawling back yard with beautifully manicured plants, or a pool, or an outdoor kitchen. Her back patio has a view of the lake, a huge tree with a swing and the sound of birds singing. I have even mentioned to her that I could sit out there with a cup of coffee all day. She says that she often does, and I can see her doing so. My friend is one of those people who truly sees the beauty of God's creation in the little things. She and her family don't take fancy trips. They only have one car. They have simple (and delicious) dinners. They spend their time together doing simple things. It is inspiring.
I want to be like her. I don't mean that I want to be someone else, I just want to embrace that spirit. I have felt the Lord tugging at my heart to embrace simplicity, regardless of my own desire to have more. I have really struggled with wanting what God wants versus what I want. I finally feel as though it is coming in alignment. I haven't figured it all out, but I am beginning to see the path that He has set before me.
I don't want a bigger house.
In fact, I want a smaller house.
The smaller the house, the less to clean and the more time I have to spend on things that matter.
I want less stuff.
The less stuff you have, the less you have to maintain.
I want more time.
More time with my husband, my children and my dear friends.
I want fewer things that take me away from a simple life.
Fewer commitments.
More walks.
More talks.
Less social media.
More reading.
More praying.
How simple.

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