Friday, August 19, 2011

changes & being out of pocket

For those of you who take the time to visit ye' ol' blog, I have been a little out of pocket for a while. I will make this short and sweet.
The hubby and I have decided that I need to work for him for a while. We had initially had plans to hire someone (other than myself), but after looking at our budget, there was simply no way we could do it right now. That being said, my help is free, and we are putting the kids in school. I know, two posts ago was my big reveal of our office/homeschool room, so this was a very quick and recent decision. I am heartbroken. Completely heartbroken. However, I know that the Lord is guiding our steps and that this is the best decision (although the hardest) we have had to make in a long time. The past couple of weeks have been spent buying school uniforms, supplies (I mean, do we REALLY need 8 glue sticks & why is there not one single packet of 8x12 construction paper within a 100 mile radius?), lunchboxes and backpacks. So, I haven't been too crafty. I have been trying to wrap by brain around early mornings, and packing lunches, and my babies being away from me 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, and homework, and after school activities that were going to be a welcome addition to our homeschool schedule, but now seem like just one more thing for us "to do" and be away from each other. My only daughter is off to kindergarten. Honestly, I needed a good 3 months to prepare for this one. Oh, and now I am up all night worried about schedules, and meal planning, and when to clean my house, and the responsibilities of my "new job" and when and how that is going to work.
I am smiling, because I refuse to cry. I know that the Lord is in control. I know that he is sovereign, I know that this too shall pass and that we are all going to be fine. Just fine. I know that this season is just that...a season. The kids will love school, my baby will love his preschool, my husband will be gratefull for the much needed help, and I will survive...
just like Gloria...I will survive.

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